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Work With Me

Hi! This page is dedicated to stepping out of my comfort zone and embarking on a journey as a freelance Pinterest Virtual Assistant and content writer.

The target audience for freelancing is small to medium-sized black-owned businesses, small to medium-sized lifestyle bloggers and digital magazines in the health, wellness, food and lifestyle niche who are busy entrepreneurs and content creators and are looking for an enthusiastic lifestyle content creator who wants to broaden their skills in Pinterest management and writing articles and posts on their behalf.

I’m also interested in working with small black-owned businesses who don’t have a Pinterest account yet and want to use Pinterest to reach their target audience, build brand awareness on Pinterest and are looking for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to assist them with their goals and journey on Pinterest.

Why hire me?

I am a lifestyle content creator and I understand the many tasks that arise which need to be dealt with promptly. I know the importance of a work-life balance and living a life that is meaningful, soft and aligns with your values.

I am very passionate about elevating my target audience who are unapologetic black millennial women from ages 26-37 who are fascinated by the main themes of my blog in black history, wellness and lifestyle and live in cosmopolitan cities in the UK.

This is why I have decided to freelance as a Pinterest virtual assistant and writer because I am passionate about writing, freedom, and providing value to the audience and personal growth. Also, I love using Pinterest and I understand that Pinterest has a lot of power in terms of bringing traffic to websites and blogs.

As a multi-passionate creative introvert, I enjoy researching, creating, writing and analysing content that is fresh, exciting and fascinating which is why health, wellness and lifestyle intrigue me not only as an interest but because these niches genuinely can allow you to live a life that is aligned to your soft living lifestyle and values.

I am looking forward to working with diverse lifestyle content creators and business owners who are interested in mental health, and wellness such as self-care, mindset and lifestyle topics such as spirituality, beauty such as skincare and women’s health.

Transferable Skills

  • Effective Communication
  • Prioritisation
  • Organisation
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Design with Canva
  • Writing
  • Commitment to Online Learning
  • Email Management
  • Analytical
  • Research

Services I offer:

  • Pinterest Virtual Assistant Packages
  • Freelance Content Writing Packages
  • Brand Partnerships with black-owned businesses

Contact Details

If you want to work with me please email me at hello@afrolitstories.com and I’ll send you an email where you can choose the best time on Calendly and we can arrange a chat on Zoom and take it from there! I look forward to meeting you virtually! Let’s do this!!

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